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Duration of active woman's life is closely related to the content of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and dopamine. During youth the levels of these substances in the body are quite sufficient, but they decrease sharply with age. To relieve the symptoms of menopause different hormone therapy is used, but it is important for every woman that products she is using are natural.

On the basis of DHEA endocrine glands produce more than 20 different (especially sexual) hormones. DHEA raises the energy level of the organism,as well as increases the duration of reproductive age and regulates total body weight. This is the substance of youth, as the maximum concentration in the organism is observed in the 20-25 years and then is gradually reduced by 70-80%. In people with high levels of DHEA cancerous cell transformation is not possible.

  • Koren molodosti contains plants with antitumor and antiviral activity
  • Helps to normalize cycles and prevent menstrual pain syndromes
  • Helps to increase the duration of reproductive age
  • Koren molodosti helps to manage sugar and cholesterol blood levels and weight loss
  • Allows the women’s organism to withstand the adverse external influences and minimize their harm

Koren molodosti herbal product consists of two parts, each of which contains a biomass of a rare sub-tropical medicinal plant produced ​​by unique technology, vitamins B6, B12, folic acid and zinc sulfate.

Part 1 of Koren molodosti contains Dioscorea deltoidea biomass. Dioscorea is a liana that contains special substances - saponins. Dioscorea root extract promotes the production of DHEA. That is why the dioscorea is called "the root of youth." Dioscorea comprises protodioscin that is used as an antitumor agent. This compound is active against 60 types of tumors. Dioscorea helps to manage blood cholesterol level and helps to reduce the deposition of lipids in the arterial vessels and liver.

Dioscorea contains also phytoestrogens (plant hormones). When entering woman’s body with food they help to normalize her hormonal status, regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent pain, maintain the tone of the female organs.

Part 2 of Koren molodosti herbal product contains Polyscias filicifolia biomass. Polyscias, a rare subtropical herb, contains unique substances - triterpene glycosides that activate the system of energy metabolism and antioxidant defense system, neutralize free radicals action and enzymes that destroy dopamine. In the Eastern traditional medicine, this plant is known as the strongest adaptogen, which allows the organism to withstand adverse external influences and minimize their harm.

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